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Liberty HVAC

As the official UK Distributor of Airwatergreen, along with longstanding experience as a HVAC design and project management company, we are ideally suited to helping you with your building concerns. are passionate about creating the perfect climate for ANY building whether it be commercial offices, industrial premises, retail, restaurant or leisure facilities. We have the expertise to answer the most demanding brief, with the experience to specify both up-to-date and most importantly……project appropriate climate control solutions.

Wherever you need effective, efficient humidity control, specification of air-conditioning, heating and or ventilation systems we are here to meet your exacting standards.

Holistic Approach

With our design flair, engineering know-how and dedication to customer satisfaction we look beyond the initial brief to propose innovative and practical solutions that improve the overall project.

Water & sewerage

Maintain your infrastructure – Keep treatment plants and pump stations dry with our energy-efficient desiccant dehumidification. Our dehumidifiers are equally efficient at low indoor temperatures. No condensation, no corrosion, no mould growth. Easy to install and integrate with any control systems.

Buildings of cultural history

We protect many sensitive buildings such as churches and cultural buildings from damage caused by uncontrolled humidity. Plug-n-play installation without any impact on the building structure. Sensor control to achieve a set relative humidity (RH) level along with integration to the BMS system.

Power Industry & Distribution

The power industry maintains a critical infrastructure that can be damaged by excessive moisture levels. Damage that can lead to costly downtime and renovation. Keep buildings and facilities dry regardless of the season or indoor temperature!


All properties, storage buildings need to be protected from damage caused by high levels of humidity. Let us protect the building and maintain a good indoor climate for any equipment or those who are within the building.

Efficient operation at all indoor temperatures

Our products are designed using a patented dehumidification method called desiccant warm condensation.