A look back at 2020

2020 has been a year like no other for every aspects of our lives. Little Meet Up has grown tremendously and we want to thank you all for being part of this journey. Through this platform, many of us have found a stable support system of people from like-minded people from all walks of life, many of whom have been brought together as a result of the COVID19 global pandemic that has completely changed the way we currently work, network, socialise and interact with one another.

For the first time in decades, the entire world has a common enemy. An invisible enemy that does not discriminate. Never in our history has our demise and our survival at the same time depended on each other. This has made us realise the importance of teamwork and of supporting one another.

Little Meet Up would not have succeeded without teamwork and support from every member and most especially from our Guest Speakers who have played a great role in inspiring us, keeping us motivated, broadening our knowledge, giving us hope and even opening up about their own personal struggles, making us relate and feel less alone in our own journey.

Little MeetUp Speakers

We have had many amazing speakers covering different topics/fields in our general free networking meetings and our weekly meetings for ELITE members.

Our speakers have covered various topics including Mental Health Awareness, Business Opportunities, Marketing, Planning, Networking and so much more.

We have appreciated what each guest speaker has brought to the table to help keep us going through these tough and unprecedented times. All of them are great at what they do and well respected within their field. Some of these amazing speakers include:

Lisa Goldenthal

A well-known fitness and wellness coach based in L.A talked about staying fit during the lockdown, from what you eat, to the simple ways to stay fit within your home.

Leonie Morris

A well renowned Energy Medicine & Psychology Practitioner who helped us understand the impact of energy and emotional wellbeing.

Rekha Jha

A well-rounded speaker and teacher who talked about the benefit of positivity and taught us some immensely helpful Mantras to use for different purposes to keep us going through tough times like now.

Andrew Stevens

Who trains coaches on implementing tools to help them achieve their goals. He gave an especially useful presentation to our ELITE members which received great feedback.

Sally Desborough

An inspiring mental wellbeing coach who gave us a vital talk on mental first aid within the workplace. She helped open our eyes to how to implement mental wellbeing within the workplace and supporting those around us when we spot certain signs.

Chris Lewis

An ex England Cricketer who went through several challenges and now uses his story to inspire others on what not to do.

Additionally, many of our ELITE members have also had the opportunity to be guest speakers both at the general Free networking Meetings and the Elite


These have included a Networking presentation and tips by Sarah Spicer, a LinkedIn guide and tips by Miriam Kay and Mike Sherwood, a presentation on graphics design and branding by Shaun Pritchard, a presentation on motion graphics by Moxy Child and a talk on balancing two businesses by Anita Puttick followed by a livestream from the cake shop that left us all longing for their sweet treats. We have also had so many great talks and advice on finances from our financial adviser Justin Parsons along with a livestream interview on the LMU Facebook page by Miriam and Simon.

At a difficult time like this, we are all dealing with many challenges including legal issues, therefore it has been helpful getting legal advice from Colin Wells who has contributed greatly in helping us understand the importance of pensions and the process involved, especially for self-employed entrepreneurs. We also have our book-keeping specialist Sally Anderson, based in South Africa, who has been supportive to other members and a gem within the ELITE group.


Finally, the Little Meet Up team is made up of the leader Simon Robinson and the ambassadors, Miriam Kay and Mia Wagner Harris. LMU and ELITE would not be as unique and successful without our pioneer/leader Simon Robinson who has gone beyond the call of duty to support all members with any difficulties they have, whether professionally or personally. Simon’s passion and enthusiasm to support people generally is like nothing you see these days. Our ambassadors also put great effort into carrying out our services and supporting all members. Miriam Kay, who is an LMU and the ELITE Ambassador, works closely with Simon to support members through coaching sessions, creating content, and carrying out Marketing audits for LMU members, offering her expertise to help LMU and Elite members grow. Both Simon and Miriam have faced health challenges throughout the year and Miriam has even attended meetings and carried out coaching sessions from her hospital bed, which is truly inspiring. Mia Wagner Harris is a LMU and Crowborough Foundation Ambassador who is an amazing career coach with background in corporate law. She has dedicated much of her time helping LMU members and guidance for people looking for work .

Support in 2021

In such a competitive business climate where everyone is so focused on their own success, it is rare to come across a team who work tirelessly to support each other for FREE. Going into 2021, the team would appreciate your support by using their services collectively or individually, because they are all great at what they do

We are beyond grateful for all the contributions you have all made towards the growth and success of LMU. We cannot promise you that things will magically change in 2021, but we can promise you that we will continue to be here to support our LMU members and help our Elite members take their brand to the next level.

If you want to know more, or are interested in joining ELITE and to benefit from all the exclusive services we offer, please get in contact now.

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