2021 Little MeetUp Updates

Little Meet Up is part of Crowborough Foundation a not for profit charitable company founded in 2009.


December 2020 saw the 50th meeting of this type along with other less formal meetings that have been held as well. In August 2020 we launched our Elite Networking Group which is a business support program with weekly meetings on Wednesdays.



From there we have created LOCAL #littlemeetups that can be created and headed by our ELITE members only but all are welcomed/free to attend these local meetings. These groups are now up and running in different places like South Africa with a further two in the UK in Surrey and the areas of Dorking and Sutton. Additional groups are being created in South London, Nottingham, and Hastings a town in East Sussex. These local groups and meetings are ideal for businesses with specific or locally based target audiences like restaurants, shops, property agents, etc.

What to expect in 2021

In 2021 we hope to resume face-to-face regional and national meetings for ELITE members as well as work on increasing our membership. For #littlemeetup we will be having an International meeting once a month online and of course, the LOCAL #littlemeetups will be focusing on reaching more people to attend meetings and benefit from the unique support system and opportunities that we provide that you won’t get from other similar groups. Our ethos is always “Help first, before any monetary gain”.

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