Gillian Routledge Journey Practitioner
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Gillian Routledge – Accredited Journey Practitioner for Health and Wellbeing

Gill trained as a Nurse and worked within the NHS and private health sector for over 30 years. Her desire was to make a difference for others, yet in doing so she neglected her own needs and as a result, fell ill. Suffering from depression and sick of witnessing the sick get sicker, Gill turned to complementary health for answers.

She went on to train in many disciplines, including Kinesiology, EFT, Reiki and counselling. Gill now feels that an integrated approach to health, using both conventional and complementary fields, is the best way forwards. Yet it was The Journey, created by Brandon Bays, that led Gill to a technique that offers profound healing, rather than just treating symptoms. The Journey helps to release emotional trauma from the body’s cells where it can lead to ill health. The techniques helped her turn her own life around, and in 2008, she qualified as a Journey Practitioner.