About Little MeetUp

Little MeetUp is a Limited Company, wholly owned by Crowborough Foundation, a not for profit charitable company founded in 2009.

The object is to help others before commercial gain. The charity receives no external funding so relies upon donations and personal investment from the Trustees.

The origin of Little MeetUp comes from attending other networking meetings and feeling there was a gap in the market for a group of our type. Up until the start of the Covid-19 pandemic meetings were mainly, but not exclusively, held on a face to face basis.

Since then meetings have been held on a weekly or fortnightly basis along with some online training. The meetings are all FREE however some of the training is charged for.

Meet The Team

Simon Robinson


Leader of Little MeetUp and a total believer in helping others first. Married to Selina Robinson the Director of Crowborough Foundation. Experienced all-round Business Coach having been in business all of his adult life.

Mia Wagner Harris

Head Ambassador

Ambassador for both Crowborough Foundation and Little MeetUp. She is a qualified commercial lawyer with a corporate background who now runs her own Business as a Job Coach.

Miriam kay

Miriam Kay

Business Ambassador

Business Ambassador for Little MeetUp and Ambassador for ELITE. She is a Business Coach who specialises in marketing and using LinkedIn and YouTube.