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Welcome to Little MeetUp

Little MeetUp is part of Crowborough Foundation, a not for profit charitable company, formed in 2009. It has around 3000 members across all platforms and grows in membership numbers daily.

The object is to help others before commercial gain. This is done by holding online meetings, offering free advertising and some free training. The social media pages Facebook and LinkedIn both have private group pages where members can communicate safely with each other.

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Upcoming Meetings – April/May 2021

Little MeetUp – Free to Attend


May 17th at 4pm a General meeting to which all members of #littlemeetup are invited. Free to attend

Donations to Crowborough Foundation are welcome but not compulsory.

Local Meetings – UK based

Local Little MeetUp Surrey with Anita Puttick is at 10 am every Tuesday.

Local Little MeetUp West Sussex with Michaela Strahan is at 10 am every Wednesday.

Local Little MeetUp East Sussex with Mike Sherwood is at 10.30 am every second Thursday.


Tuesday May 4th at 7.30am UK time will be our meeting linking the UK with India and Rekha Jha.

This meeting will bring together people from the United Kingdom to include Europe, Middle and Far East, India and Australasia

Coming soon – South Africa, Turkey and New Zealand.

Elite Little MeetUp – Membership Needed to Attend

Meetings every Wednesday at 4pm UK time.